Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Here is the first page of a Harry Potter comic I did back when films had not been released, so I pretty much designed every character. This corresponds to my fav book, the third, specifically to Harry's first visit to Honeydukes using the Marauders map. posted earlier a couple of colored pages, though I made a lot more later that did not make it further than pencil (a good idea, since I'm not that good at computer coloring :P). Might post them here, though :) Here are the pencil versions of those pages plus a new one.


Greg said…
Very cool and ambitious! HP happens to be my favorite book series and sadly it is over.
Cris Urdiales said…
Yep, I loved HP too, but the last book seemed a bit empty, like book five, to me. My fav ones are 3 (this one) and 4. I drew the comic while I was reading book 3, a long time ago. Have you read Song of Fire and Ice? I'm on it right now :)

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