A chunk of land in ... Singapore

This is Pulau Ubin, a tiny island off the Singapore coast that can be accessed via ferry. Nice, cozy place, with a load of lazy lizards and good coconut milk. Beaches are just okay, though :)


Iselanin said…
Vaya una ingeniera como yo que tanbien dibuja, los paisajes autenticamente preciosos, eso es aprovechar los viajes. Nos vemos en Artbox.
AnnGee said…
Really great sketches. Nice line work.
Cris Urdiales said…
Hey, Iselanin :)
Yo soy teleco, tu de que eres damnificado? :D:D

Thanks, Anngee! I've got like 10 notebooks or so of these fast things :)
Iselanin said…
Soy Industrial, trabajo en Calderería

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