domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Cafe del Viajero

 One of my favorite coffee/tea shops in Malaga. Great lassi and fruit shakes.The sketch above is obviously dedicated to Liz Steel ;)

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

ME3: Personal log of Commander Shepard (I)

So it's finally here! My ME3 journal. Although I've played the first two games both with f!Shep and m!Shep, I do these from the POV of my f!Shep, which is actually closer to myself. BTW, I do love these cheap notebooks from Shanghai. I need to check if I can buy them online by the dozen :D

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Shepard's Horizon

Starting to play ME3 and here's Ashley, back in track and looking for the "made in Cerberus" tag in my armor :P

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

El Limonar

This is a quarter by the east side of Malaga, full of XIX and early XX villages which are now used as official buildings, clinics, schools, etc.

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

I love this place ...

... so I keep drawing it again and again. One of my fav spots by the sea at Malaga and the best place to watch the fireworks in summer.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Almuñecar Town Hall square

And this is the final splash I did during Easter holidays in Granada coast. Next time I'll bring you another place :)

lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

... and now in pretty colors!

Or colored, at least :)
My original cast for Mass Effect, after applying TRIA markers over the B&W sketches

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

La Carrera del Darro

Not that it's my hometown or anything, but isn't Granada one of the most beautiful cities in the world? :D

One of the riverside walks (we've got three small rivers crossing the city)

viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

These are the stories ...

"Of the cops that capture the monsters. And the camera crew, that capture the cops. Death Valley."

 If you are not watching MTV "Death Valley", you are surely missing serious laugths. Carla and John John facing zomb ... vitally disabled people at IKEA XD

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Alliance soldiers

The original trio from Mass Effect I, modelled after Erica Cerra (Eureka), Karl Urban (Doom) and Lauren Cohen (The Walkin Dead). You can check my dream casting for ME in here
Mmmm ... I think I'll probably color these ones before my TRIA markers dry out

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Weird critters!

One has to love kiwis!! These guys only live in New Zealand, another reason to go back there as soon as I can :)

sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

S is for Shepard

Obviously. Who else? XD Shepard rulz!! (I've played customized Shepards in both Mass Effect games, but I went for the canon in this sketch)

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

O is for Olivia

Agent Dunham in Fringe. I totally distrust Murray Abrams after the Lost fiasco, but thus far Fringe is pretty interesting and the main cast has a lot to do with it.

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Q is for Quorra

The movie (TRON) was awful, but Wilde is nice and ... well, it's not that easy to find some geeky character with Q :D