jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Malakabot 2017

Hoy casi dibujado/escaneado en tiempo real ;) Tres robots de los proyectos libres de Malakabot 2017. ¡El certamen cada año mejor!

martes, 25 de abril de 2017

Bucegi Mountains, Transylvania

I kind of sketched this from a bus, but all my sketches look equally shaky O_o
Stillman & Birn gamma and Schmincke watercolors

lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

More birds

Drawing in Doñana. The weather barely held.
Stillman & Birn gamma and Schmincke watercolors

jueves, 20 de abril de 2017


This is kind of a spoiler of what you are going to be seeing here in the near future
Stillman & Birn gamma

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Plaza Carlos Cano (Granada)

I thought I had already posted this, but nope. Yet another of those delicious corners in Granada. Plus I was having an excellent paella tapa (wood oven) and a wine while I sketched this one, too :D
Stillman & Birn Gamma and Schmincke watercolors