viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

A very quick visit to Chillida's museum

My sketches are usually fast, but in these I was actually walking while I drew. Too bad for the result, but better this than nothing...

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Enough, I say!

"The monster does not want to attack you anymore and, leaving its treasure behind, it just goes after anyone who tried to help you for supporting senseless violence"

miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Because you were all waiting for them ...

The metaaaaal ladieeeeeees!! (Aunque las señoras del metaaaaal suena mejor)
Katranes, aquí están vuestras archinémesis :D:D:D

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

A joke sketch for the cartoon-week in Artbox

If you've never watched Sailor Moon, it won't be very funny, though :P
It translates to something like "For having me wear this thing all through High School I won't forgive ya!"

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

Sketchcrawl in Granada

These are the sketches I did during last world sketchcrawl. This time I was in Granada, but I joined, anyway :)