Green, green Iceland

Three spots for the adventurer and also for freaky fandom :) This is the place where the High Council used to meet and where continents divide

The black waterfall, one of the most impressive ones in Iceland. It looks like the place where witches lived in the (unremarkable) Stardust movie! :) 

  And this is Snaefell mountail, where the SnaefellJokull is. Most of you might remember it as the entrance to the centre of earth in Verne's famous book. 

Well, actually THIS is the entrance to the Center of Earth, but it was too cold there to draw, plus the visibility and the weird snowbiking fluffy attire ...


Betta said…
Me encantan las casas... ¡¡césped en el tejado!! Y el boceto te ha quedado precioso. Me ha gustado mucho, mucho.

¡Islandia es mi próximo destino en mente, tengo muchas ganas de ir!

¡Y con estas cosas, cada vez más!

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