Friday, March 4, 2011

Freaky-weekend I: Arkham Horror

Last weekend, we rented a cottage in the middle of nowhere and moved there for three days with lots of (unhealthy) food, a projector, a HDD full of zombie movies, the XBox with every complement we could grab -Kinect included- and a mountain of board games. I carried my notebook and took several quick sketches of many moments there, so I'll be posting them these days.

First, a game of Arkham Horror, set in Lovecraft's creepy universe. It takes a long time to complete one of this games, but it is real fun :) First, the game box:

Now, one of the players at her turn (she might disagree, because it is not a good portrait, but she kept moving, and it took 5 minutes, so ...)

Some locations at Arkham (on the back of the cards)

And one of the gateway locations (where I ended first), the Dreamlands.

I used watercolors in a couple of sketches and a few Tombow markers in the rest.

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