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And ... well, more Dublin pubs


Dublin ... in pubs

Yep, it is basically as it sounds :P

Moais in Easter Island

An old watercolor, but there are Dublin sketches in the oven!

Anakin, looking good

He was not much use for anything else in most of the trilogy, anyway I don't think I had posted this one yet ...

And Mulan with Colors! too

Another sketch using Nintendo DS and colors. This time, Disney's Mulan:

Drawing Lara with NDS Colors

This is a sketch of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Underground with Nintendo DS Colors . If you have an NDS, go and download it!

Kryss in Thorgal

Thorgal is, along with Yoko Tsuno, my favorite european comic. More specifically, Kryss of Valnor is my fav character in the first series, basically because she is the perfect example of a nemesis, capable of the worst things without a trace of remorse:

Who could not love "Pushing Daisies"?


A circle of druids

Stonehenge, close to Salisbury, UK.

Architecture in Iceland

Yep, not only waterfalls and glaciers for the tired traveller ...

I want to go to Japan again!

A quick watercolor, to loosen hand after holidays :) (shameless copy, obviously)

A new warrior pencil ...

Yep, not very precise, but cool for drafts. Here's the warrior princess in low pencil-lution.

Welcome ... to the world of tomorrow!

A quick draft of Leela, from Futurama