Friday, March 11, 2011

Driving in Atacama desert

After a few days in a Pacific island, driving in the desert is a nice change, but it can get thirsty, specially if you have grown a fondness for natural fruit juices.

For that reason, after staying for the night in the middle of nowhere and waking up to the dusty wind of Atacama desert only to find coffee and toasts, I tried my luck and asked for a juice. The guy commented, "nope, for juices, you need to go to the oasis", and I was like, "sure, and to find the Eiffel Tower, I need to go to Paris :P". "No, lass, to THAT oasis over there!" And, certainly, there was a green spot in the desert that we visited just to drink juices. Hooray!!

Definitely, one of the hotspots in my desert trip. I drank at least two pints before we left. Replenished deposit :D

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