More adventures in the outback

All of this things actually happened ... more or less

Jellyfishes in Green Island

So what if there are jellyfishes? We can just bath the same. Some itchings won't be that bad ...

Gone with the bounty

(1)Shoot, momma, shoot! And I want to look an 8 in the picture
(2)But, missuz, you ate to' much chocolate on the way 'ere, you'll never be an 8 again...
(3)But after the VTC reception, I promise I'll never again eb hungry!!
(4)(How do I tell her that we ran out of film 2 days ago?)

Koalas in the mist

(1) This little bird seems to have grown a liking of me. I'm taking it home ...
(2) Not sure there will be room ...


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