Lady Catelyn Stark

Because it had been a while since my last character from ASoFaI.
Cat prior to ... you know what (or, believe me, don't want to be spoiled 'ere :)) (way pre-HBO!)


Shelley said…
Hello there! Sorry, I only speak English, hope that's okay.

I just came across your ASOIAF fanart, they're really cool! Do I see some celebrity influences? And do you plan on doing many more? I'm tempted to go comment on them all but I suppose that would be a bit crazy. So I'll just say good job!

(One minor thing: remember the Tullys and the Tully-looking Starks have blue eyes, not green. Does it say they have green in your translation?)
Anonymous said…
wow you are good...when are ya planning to do daenerys and the dragons...and good luck...i guess i'll be checking on this blog now..its really amazing

(sorry i also speak only english)
Cris Urdiales said…
Thank you guys!

I'm planning to do as many characters as possible. Indeed, if you have some suggestion on who you'd like to see here, I might go for it :)
I'm basically thinking of whom I'd use for an ASoFaI cast when I do a portrait, so, yep, there are clearly influences (in the case of Melissandre, I guess it is pretty obvious :D)
About the Tullys blue eyes, I guess I just did not remember, because I read the four books in english (the translation was not that good in my opinion). I'll change them, fortunately, I have the color in layers!



P.S. Daenerys and the dragons was like the third portrait I did (I definitely like the character!). I thought it was here. I'll check!
Shelley said…
This is "me" from above -- just realized I never set a username and changed it.

Understandable to forget the eye color, usually in books all red heads have green eyes :)

I think it's cool to use a cast, then we can see who you have in mind all at the same time. Some of your choices are interesting, like is that Morena Baccarin for Arianne? That's a cool pick! Me personally, I saw her as more a Lady Nym type.
Cris Urdiales said…
Hey :)
Yep, pretty good eye for likeness, it is indeed Morena Baccarin. I guess I thought about Nathan Fillion as the Soiled Knight and the rest sort of fell into place. Brienne was a killer, though, I could think of noone at the beginning to use as a base

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