Something really different ...

When I'm in the mood and I play rol, sometimes I'm sketching very fast the situations in the game with a touch of humour on the absurd side. A friend uses to gather this small and very fast pencil sketches into another blog: Other lives, other worlds (it's in spanish, I'm afraid) and he's quite the writer :D
I'm uploading today a sample of these skecthes during the game of The five rings.

This one is an oni (demon) who attacked me. He was part of the seven demons clan, a very powerful group of foes, and looked like a mex between Gollum and a corpse, but he happened to come flying with an umbrella, so in my imagination he was like this ...

And this is how the poor guy ended when my very lucky character got a critic with the dice:

This is a friend who tried to talk a guard into letting him and his partner inside the fortress. He just happened to be too talkative and did not quite get to the point ...

And this is Mimisiku-sama, a powerful warrior (and a bit of a feminist with an attitude), being commented by a fellow scorpion into what women are really good for (don't ask what happened to the guy later)

Ok, this is all for now, if you like this type of work, drop me a comment and I'll search for similar things, like the infamous Cthulhu games I also illustrated :P


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