Live! in Canada (Alberta)

Some summers ago, I was lucky enough to travel to Banff and it happened to be one of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen in my life. Must be hard to live there in winter, though :P

I carried my Moleskine, as usual, and made some sketches over there. This one is in Calgary, where downtown looks like Metropolis, all clean, crystal and metal ...

Lucky me, I got there just in time for Stampede! and spent a couple of days watching cowboys, cattle, wagons and partying!

And finally I travelled to Banff and spent a week hiking and looking for bears. I managed to get a clear shot of a black cub! This sketch I did all the way up 6 glaciers plain, where I was fool enough to go in shorts. Not that it stopped me or anything! There is a teashop close to the end of the track, though, and I was grateful for the hot liquid :)


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