Preparing Drake's journal for my Uncharted 1 skecthbook

I know most people do it with photocopies, but that's so not my style. So, to prepare Sir Francis Drake's journal for my Uncharted I walkthrough (I'm replaying it just now), first I got the document from the National Library of Australia repository and then I sketched all pages I could see in the game in brown, cheap paper, using black and red de Atramentis ink (it's important that the ink is REALLY waterproof).  

Then, I bathed pages in hot black tea for a few minutes and spread some instant coffee on top for extra stains. 

I dried the pages and the oven tray with kitchen paper before I put them into the oven. 200ยบ 6 minutes (preheated)

And finally I left them under some weight for the night (enveloped in oven paper, so they would not stain anything)

And here's the result. I quite like it.


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