Friday, May 13, 2011

Blood and roses

Another A Song of Fire and Ice sketch for a contest by redcandle17 at Deviant Art. This one is for mother's day (I like to think out of the box). If you don't want spoilers (even though this is my guess) don't read any further ...

"Promise me, Ned"

Of course, I think that Jon is not Ned's son, but Rhaegar's and Lyanna's, and hence one of the dragon's heads (there must be three, Dani, Jon and ... this is another story :D). I'm guessing that Lyanna died of blood loss giving birth and she asked Ned to hide her son (he would have been exterminated, like the rest of the Targaryens) and protect her secret- I think this is the only way Ned would have carried a so-called bastard home, despite his views on honor. I sketched Ned as a younger Sean Bean (HBO A Game of Thrones is already on air) and tried to use a Rackham style for coloring (totally digital, this time)

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