Friday, February 11, 2011


Still working on Avatar until I stumble upon another obsession..
I had this idea a while ago and it took me some time to put it to paper. It's no big secret that Klimt is one of my fav painters and I'm particularly in love with this piece since, like, forever, so I decided to borrow the concept.

Most people who have watched the series may probably wonder why I like Azula so much, taking into account that she is like the second most evil character in the ATLA. However, in "The Beach" episode and a few more glimpses to the princess' past, we get to see that, in fact, she felt neglected by her mother as a kid, and with good reason, because lady Ursa, not only considers that something is wrong with her, but only pays attention to Zuko and even fails to say goodbye to her daughter when she leaves. What kind of mother gives up on a kid? It's always been annoying to me that parents pay extra-attention to weak kids and neglect the (apparently) strong ones, assuming that they will do well on their own. This totally reverses the logical behavior-reward concept: if you are better, you get less. However, this happens more than one would think. In the end, Azula turns to her father -who is really evil, and cruel, and somewhat a coward (he hides behind his brother, wife and daughter in three of his key appearances in the series)- because she has noone else to turn to. And, obviously, she needs to please him to be loved, so it's only natural she becomes rough herself and obsessed with perfection, and also that she despises her brother. Finally, when she finds out that there is noone on Earth she can trust (brother, friends or family), she simply loses it. That makes her a quite human character, I think.

Mmmm, too much text for a sketch, for once. I won't probably write anything in the next few pieces :P :D

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