domingo, 13 de julio de 2014


I realized this week that it had been years since I did any watercolor (I color everything with watercolors, but, of course, it's not the same) and, since I had some spare time this sunday, I decided it was time to practice. I decided to draw Maleficent (one of the best movies to go watch with your god-daughter, mind you :D) because I wanted to dabble with all the green washes, so first things first, I sketched Angelina Jolie (as best as I could in 10 minutes tops) using a S sepia Pitt marker. I added some shadows with a B Pitt warm grey before I applied any color at all. I even decided to go all crazy and use some mask fluid that had been in a box for at least 7 years. Gee, it still works!

This is what I got after I applied the first wash of blue/dark grey color, leaning the sketchbook top-bottom so that pigment would go down.

This is the second go at colors, in this case leaning the sketchbook bottom top so the green and yellow would go upwards. I also used the wet on wet technnique to get some random water effect in the background. You can see that the parts where I put mask fluid are all white. Not cool.

After adding some blue to the masked areas and some shadow to the tunic, we are almost done ...

... but I ALWAYS outline the outer border of the sketch to gain some depth quick and easy.

And this is the size of the sketch: A3 if anyone was wondering, i.e. way larger than I'm used to.

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