viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Renly's girls

Because one can't live only on Mass Effect ... well, not fooling anyone, lately I do, but gotta practice drawing other stuff so transition is not so sharp when I finish (soon) the game.
I like Brienne's character in HBO "A Game of Thrones" very much. She is exactly as I pictured them in the books (well, I thought she would be uglier, rather than just manly, but the rest is simply perfect), unlike Asha -now Yara- Greyjoy, that they turned into a despicable character on TV, instead of the humorous, smart pirate she is in the books. About Margaery, being played by the actress she is, I sort of  expected her to be like that; there goes the mystery and intrigue on whether she is a player or a pawn, innocent or not, and everything that still has not been revealed in the books. Poor Cersei was right at least in this :D
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