viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

Mass Effect 3 dream team?

So I'm Vanguard at heart. Can't help it (and paragade, I guess). So, who have been my most consistent team members through ME1 and ME2?

In ME1, Williams was my skull-breaker. The second team member used to be a box-opener, preferably Tali, or, if the mission required it, a powerful biotic, usually Liara, but this second pal could change. Of course, I got the Soldier Ally badge! Too bad Ash turns against you in Horizon and you get soldier-less in ME2, but there were great new characters to play with ...

In ME2, I usually took Miranda along. Her biotics were extremely useful against heavily armored enemies, specially after unlocking her loyalty ability. The best combination for me was Miranda&Samara combining powers (and fire ammo for the whole team), but Miranda was usually there. So the question is will I have Lawson & Williams in my team for ME3 and, more importantly, will I be able to stop them from killing each other? XD
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