Still more adventures in the Outback

Yep, lots of things happened there :D

New Taxi Driver


Panel 1: To the aeropuerto. And very rapido.
Panel 3: Peee-drooo! I told you we should have rented a limooo!!!
(Maybe I can escape through this window ...)
Daddy, what is the thingie near the round thing?

Dangerous Un-minds

What lies with-out

Panel 1: Peeee-drooo!! These guys left us yet again!!
One second, the cell. This is them
Panel 2: Glub, yep it's them
And me without my diamons!! In what stupid place do they want to meet us this time?!?
Panel 3: Could you take my picture with this polar bear?
I'm not sure I really want them to come
Just shut up and fish!
They told me there were penguins here ...


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