Lord Eddard Stark

Done with A Game of Thrones, on with A Clash of Kings. Meanwhile, you get these doodles. Today, Lord Eddard Stark, Hand of King Robert! A 5 minutes one and another with a casting call in mind (this goes way before the TV series)


Sanvi said…
This is my favorite. I love the sketch and the inked one is so expresive. Congratulations, Cris.
Que me gusta mucho, vaya.
Keep on the good work.
Cris Urdiales said…
Gracias, Sanvi,

Intentare hacer algun bocetillo mas en este mismo estilo :)
Por cierto, que ya te lo comente en su momento, pero tremendo tu dibujo de Star Wars!!
Saludetes malagueƱos,


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