This is New Zealand ...

Albert Park in Auckland, to be more precise. The clock belongs to the University of Auckland and the park is close to Victoria Street, a very nice place for a walk.

And this is Tehenga beach, in Bethells valley, one hour away from Auckland. It might be better known for some of you because it appears again and again both in Xena and Hercules. It is supposed to be the local beach for kiwis, and, hence, quite packed in summer. From the mediterranean point of view, it could well be the most isolated place in Earth.

And finally, Mt Cook, where Sir Mallory trained to climb the Everest and Gandalf fought the Balrog. Very nice place and it seems to have a face too! From the maori point of view, I think it was supposed to be the top of the canoe that Maui used to fish the north island out of the sea.

I did all these sketches live, back in 2002, when I spent february at the Middle Earth :)


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